Short Stories

A Narrow Space (Fantasy) - Crowded Magazine, Feb. 2014.

 The Bridesmaid (Horror) - Included in Legends of Urban Horror: A Friend of a Friend Told Me, edited by Gloria Bobrowicz, published by Sirens Call. (Paperback from Amazon - Kindle - Smashwords)

The Boy and the Nymph (Fantasy/Fairy Tale) - Included in Timeless, edited by Denise Vitola, published by Cool Well Press. (Amazon | Kindle | Nook | Open eBook)

We are Not the Favored Children (Historical/Dark Fantasy) - Included in Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, edited by Eric J. Guignard, published by Dark Moon Books. (Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble | Wattpad | Blog) 

Gold Digger (Literary Flash) - Included in 100 RPM: One Hundred Stories Inspired By Music, edited by Caroline Smailes. (Kindle)

Blog Posts (i.e., free, experimental and sometimes unpolished)
Better Than Nothing (Literary Flash) - A short character piece about a young prostitute.

Excerpts from "The Mormon Renaissance" and "Mission to Tau Ceti: A Retrospective" (Science Fiction) - A future history of the Mormon expedition to the planet Tau Ceti.

Such a Holy Place to Be (Mainstream) - Boy Meets Girl while dressed like a girl.

The Certainty of Chance (Mainstream) - Sometimes friends are found in unlikely situations.

Miracle (Horror) - My stab at a horror story. The writing is probably the most horrific part.

The Lives of Stars, Abridged (Poetry) - Into the glimmer of a dying sun.

Nihon Shoki (Flash Fiction) - A short piece about a gaijin who doesn't quite feel at home.