Works in Progress

I'm currently shopping my most recent completed novel, Chanter: A Song of War. Here's a short teaser for interested parties :-)

The last thing Layna Greenglades wants is to be a hero. She'd rather play her lyre for unappreciative drunks, lose herself in a series of passionate encounters with strangers and fade into the chorus of life. But when the local mob shakes her down, she's forced to reveal herself as a chanter and accept a job from a myopic professor at the nation's foremost university.

After years of wasting away in obscurity, Professor Nin Rylock has stumbled on an equation governing melodics—the musical force that can lift ships into the air and tear fissures in the ground—but he needs Layna's talents to make it work. Desperate to save his failing career, Nin lures Layna with the promise of enough money to make all her problems disappear.

Their experiments attract attention, and what was once academic becomes a weapon in the hands of the government. Nin's funding is revoked, his promise to Layna broken and his university research finished unless he helps his nation wage a brutal war. Layna finds herself oppressed in the spotlight, sought after by gangsters and governors alike. Together, the professor and the musician design a plan to sabotage the war effort and free Layna from the crime lords for good. But with their scheme threatening the lives of thousands -- their own included -- mustering the courage to execute it might be the hardest part.

While the aforementioned novel is my main focus, I'm also fiddling with a number of other projects:

a superhero anthology, Hero's Lament, focused on portrayals of heroes and heroines failing because of personal flaw or bad decision;

a sprawling, multi-character fantasy novel tentatively titled Daughters of a Dying World;

a retelling of Phantom of the Opera;

a space opera;

and a multitude of short stories. 

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