Author’s Guild Facepalm of the Day

I can’t even deal with this shit this morning, so I’ll make it brief. Go take a look at latest screed from Scott Turow, the head of the Author’s Guild. I’ll wait.

Assuming you can remove your palms from your forehead long enough to continue reading this, I’ll note that Turow’s Guild was the one who fought against the text-to-speech function on the Kindle because he didn’t think blind people should be able to read books (all right, not his real reasoning, but it doesn’t make him any less of an ass). He also fought Google’s book scanning project, because I guess he doesn’t like people to be able to find books.

Now he’s fighting against … libraries, I guess? But the whole essay is less about authors and more about politics, as is evident when he starts to rant about our “socialistic” public library system and “Soviet-style repression.”

I have no idea why any author in their right mind would be a member of this organization.