New Schedule!

So, my posts around here have been pretty sporadic as of late. And by sporadic, I mean nonexistent. Some of it is due to my novel projects (Chanter is being shopped, Daughters is being revised), but that’s not the only reason, and it’s no excuse anyway. So starting tomorrow(!), I’m going to be getting onto a strict twice a week schedule. What will that entail?

Tuesdays: Literature type posts. Musings about writing, book reviews, maybe even some fiction here or there. This is where my Women of A Feast For Crows series will continue (and I promise, it’s coming!)

Thursdays: Video gaming stuff. I know, I know, if you go back far in the archives, you’ll see me specifically saying that I didn’t want to cover video gaming here. But you know what? Games are one of my primary passions, so why not write about them? I’ll try to make these posts outside the normal gaming-blog stuff. No talk of why Titanfall is OMG TEH BEST or why Kinect is OMG TEH SUCK. Expect a lot of retro focus.

In between, it’s possible I’ll have smaller stuff. But Tuesdays and Thursdays are the guaranteed posting days, so be on the lookout. And if you read a post, consider sharing or leaving a comment, even if it’s just “lol” — it helps me know that this is at least reaching some eyeballs!

See you tomorrow!